The Principal Varieties

Dry White Wines

Bottle Price $18.00

2021 Sauvignon Blanc 12.2% ABV

Our most popular white with classic Sauvignon Blanc fruitiness

2021 Dry Riesling 12% ABV

Silver Medal winner in the Wines of the South Competition, this Riesling stands out as a crowd favorite, including Chapman Hill’s winemaker!

Pinot Grigio

Also known as Pinot Gris, this dry white wine is perfect served chilled on a hot summer day!

Dry Red Wines

Bottle Price $20.00

2021 Pinot Noir 13.5% ABV

A light bodied Pinot Noir aged with a touch of French Oak giving it a bright acidity and very fruit forward taste

2018 Zinfandel 15.3% ABV

Not a typical big, bold Zin, this lighter version has characteristic taste

Red Blend 14% ABV

A delightful, easy drinking, blend of California red wine grapes – super smooth!

2018 Cabernet Franc 14.7% ABV

This Cab is fruit forward and has lots of body with a great finish

Sweet Wines & Fruit Wines

Bottle Price $15.00 except Sweet Grigio and Sweet Riesling @ $18.00

2020 Sweet Riesling 12.5% ABV

Made from our award-winning Dry Riesling but with 3.6% residual sugar making this an off-dry or semi-sweet wine

2019 Peach Fruit Wine 10% ABV

Not overly sweet or too peachy, this wine was made from pure peaches and is unfiltered to enhance the flavor

2020 Sweet Grigio 12.9% AVB

A dry wine but with a sweet taste from the un- fermentable sugars

2021 Niagara 11.5%ABV

“Like a juice box for adults” as one of our guests ex- claimed, this wine is made with the same white grape Welch’s uses in white grape juice, making it a familiar favorite

2021 Concord 11.5% ABV

Made from the red grape Welch’s uses, this will remind you of red grape juice or jelly

2021 Labrusca Blend 12% ABV

2019 Concordance Gold Medal winner in the Wines of the South Competition. Niagara and Concord are Vitis Labrusca grapes, blended together in this, our best-selling sweet wine.

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